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Biocyclic guidelines – a component of organic farming (Greece)


Biocyclic guidelines – a component of organic farming



Valid for 1 year


Additional information

The biocyclic guidelines are organic production standards tailored to the Mediterranean context that take account of the interplay between organically cultivated crops and the partly still intact ecosystems of Greece and Cyprus. Large sections of the guidelines are more stringent than the requirements established by the European Union’s Organic Regulation 834/2007. The biocyclic guidelines aim to close natural cycles of life (Greek: bios + kyklos) by building humus and creating species-rich habitats, and thus to foster the self-healing powers of nature.


Benefit to customer

The biocyclic standards promote small-scale family-run holdings, ensure there is no drift from neighbouring fields, and guarantee full traceability for each individual plot of land.





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