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Certification and product testing for food products, aided by the inspectanet online tool





Additional information

With our “inspectanet” online system we offer you our competent and accurate product testing and certification service. You can submit your documentation to us online – swiftly and conveniently. E-mail messages will keep you informed as to the status of your order. You can access the system at any time to view existing orders or submit new ones.


Benefit to customer

Do you wish to get a new organic product or label product certified? As soon as the certification process has been completed the new product will be listed in your product list on . This allows your customers to immediately view your new products and check their certification status. Do you have an idea for a new product? Do you wish to place a new product on the market or have you improved an existing product? If you want to make sure that the product meets all the relevant standards and requirements, we can assess your product to determine whether it meets the provisions of Swiss food law on the marketability of food products, the requirements of the Swiss Ordinance on Organic Farming, the EU Organic Regulation or the relevant label requirements. Moreover, inspectanet allows you to prepare optimally for your next audit or to obtain information on additional labels that may be of interest to you. Inspectanet provides for download all the up-to-date preparatory checklists for your next audit which you can easily and comfortably complete and save to your computer.





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