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We visit you in your business. With the Label-Check, we will show you where you need to make most adjustments so that your business complies with the requirements of the desired label.



Certification not required


Additional information

• We visit you in your business
• With the Label-Check, we will show you where most
Need to make adjustments so that your company
conforms to the desired labels.
• Information Packet
• Duration: 1 to 2 hours
bio.inspecta / q.inspecta offer the Label-Check for free.


Benefit to customer

​bio.inspecta AG and GmbH q.inspecta support processing and trading company in sustainable development and strengthening their market position. A product with a credible certification stands out from other products and is appreciated by consumers. Use the Label-Check, promote your sales and marketing and be certified by bio.inspecta / q.inspecta.



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