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Primary production (“blue” and “white” inspections carried out by cantonal veterinarians)


Ordinance on Primary Production (VPrP)
FDEA Ordinance on Hygiene in Primary Production (VHyPrP)
FDEA Ordinance on Hygiene in Milk Production (VHyMP)



Certification not required


Additional information

Since 1 January 2006 countries wishing to export foodstuffs into the EU must comply with the revised EU food hygiene legislation. The specifications of the Swiss Confederation for the production of unprocessed food and feed products (primary products) must be met. The FDEA Ordinance on Hygiene in Milk Production applies to holdings keeping livestock for the purposes of distributing milk for human consumption. Generally these inspections are carried out once every four years.


Benefit to customer

Compliance checks regarding the Swiss ordinances on primary production and on hygiene in milk production can be combined with the annual inspection of the holding and with other services. Our hotline personnel will be pleased to inform you whether we are in a position to combine milk hygiene and primary production checks in your Canton with the organic inspection



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