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Goût Mieux


«Goût Mieux» standards of the «Goût Mieux» foundation of catering businesses




Additional information

The «Goût Mieux» label is awarded to catering enterprises that commit to sourcing and processing more than half of the foods they use from verifiably sustainable production (animal welfare, environmental performance, social equity). Following successful auditing (online on an ongoing basis, and on site at least every 2 years) enterprises receive the «Goût Mieux» award, which is valid for a maximum of 2 years.


Benefit to customer

The Goût Mieux Foundation assists the labelled catering enterprises with numerous marketing and communication activities (website, app, caterer guide, newsletter, media partnerships). Moreover, the enterprises gain access to attractive rebates offered by various «Goût Mieux» partner suppliers.




Rules and standards



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