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Fairtrade / Max Havelaar


Generic and product-specific standards for sustainable production and fair trade by Fairtrade International Product-specific standards for fair trade by the Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO) and the National Fairtrade Organisation (NFO; in Switzerland: Max Havelaar Foundation (Switzerland)).



Independent audit of fair trade standards by the FLO-CERT certification body. Label approval for Switzerland by the Max Havelaar Foundation (Switzerland). Certification by the partner organisation FloCert Bonn. Registration by FloCert Bonn and Max Havelaar Foundation (Switzerland).


Additional information

Fair trade takes a holistic approach, setting requirements not only for sustainable agricultural production but also for democratic organisation and fair trade. In addition to the sales price, producer organisations also receive a fair trade premium for their own projects.
With the internationally standardised Fairtrade logo new products can be more quickly and simply imported into Switzerland and fair trade can continue to grow internationally.


Benefit to customer

Internationally most well-known ethical label enjoying a high level of trust. Fair trade products are available all over Switzerland from a range of partners. With this audit you gain access to the fair trade market. Many trading companies support trade in and sales of fair trade products.




Rules and standards



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