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Request for permission to purchase increased share of non-organic feeds

An organic livestock farmer can use this application form to apply for a derogation to use an increased share of non-organic feeds. The derogation request can relate to both roughage (e.g. hay, maize etc.) and by-products from the food industry.


The buying-in of an increased share of non-organic feeds can only be permitted if organic feed is not available and where the harvest has been lost due to the reasons given below (at least one criterion must be met):

• Harvest loss caused by unusual weather (such as exceptional dryness or wetness)
• Harvest loss caused by force majeure (such as flooding, hailstorm, avalanche, landslide)
• Harvest loss caused by pest infestation (such as rodents or grubs)
• Loss of roughage stock due to fire or other Event

The certification body can only rule on fully completed derogation requests. The permission may be subject to certain conditions. Processing of the request is subject to a fee in accordance with the schedule of charges.


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