Inspections in processing and trading companies

bio.inspecta launches new system for remote assessment  

Due to the situation surrounding the new corona virus, bio.inspecta did not carry out any organic inspections on farms in Switzerland in April 2020 and also restricted its audit activities to processing and trade companies. Unfortunately, an end to the corona pandemic is not foreseeable in the short and medium term. Older people, people with pre-existing conditions or other persons at risk should continue to be protected. 

As a responsible company, the health of our customers and inspectors is very important to us. Therefore, we have developed a new inspection system that allows us to carry out a remote assessment by means of online video conferencing. We are happy to use the same technology that you as a company are already using. 

If remote assessment is possible for your company, we will propose this type of audit as the primary tool. If you prefer, you can also choose an on-site audit. 

In addition to this remote assessment, we will visit your company on site this year and conduct a tour through the company if required by the standard. During this tour, the still valid distance rules and hygiene measures can be well observed. If we have already carried out an on-site audit, no additional tour is needed. 

Our first experiences with the new system have been consistently positive and we are confident that you will also be enthusiastic about it. 

We would like to thank you for your loyalty and flexibility during this difficult time. 

 Further information on this can be found online on our website under "Our control system from May 2020".