Outlook on organic inspections 2020

Internal season preparation of the inspection body 
A smooth running of the control season requires a lot of preparation. This includes among other things technical adaptations on the recording and reporting systems, the acceptance of control missions from all partners and the training of our control staff.  

Training of control staff The refreshment of existing knowledge of our inspectors, as well as the development in terms of new regulations or control systems play a vital role during the intensive training days.

Administrative preparation of farms for the new season Many farm managers use the slightly calmer time between the years to work on the administrative preparation for the upcoming inspection. Clients of bio.inspecta AG receive a «Preparatory checklist for Organic inspection», which helps them during this process and ensures an excellent starting position for the next inspection. For further questions the agricultural hotline 062 865 63 33 is here to support.  

Changes in the rules and regulationsIn order to inform the farms about the changes in the regulations, we have sent our customers the information brochure «Das gilt neu im Biolandbau 2020» (This is new in organic farming 2020) via newsletter

Frequently asked questions 
The following Bio Suisse innovations generated frequent questions on the hotline: 

  • Straw in organic quality must be used from 1.1.2021 for the protection and mulching of vegetables, herbs, fruit, berries, vines, ornamental plants and potted herbs
  • 90 percent of ruminant feed must come from CH-bud production 
  • The purchase of non-organic, nulliparous female young animals for breeding is no longer permitted as of 1.1.2020 for cattle, small ruminants and pigs without an exceptional permit from the certification bodies 
  • Organic straw use is mandatory for pigs and poultry 
Note: This selection of questions is not an exhaustive list.)

Well prepared for control Experience has shown that companies that practice the following procedures generally experience a successful organic control. 

To a successful season  We wish all our customers a healthy and successful year 2020. We are looking forward to interesting, constructive and target-oriented discussions during the upcoming organic inspections and wish everyone a smooth course of the necessary quality assurance inspections.  

Andreas Müller, bio.inspecta

Photo legend: Adele Ferrari from the internal agriculture team Frick on the hotline