Aldi Bio Weide Beef (ABWR)

Aldi Bio Weide Beef (ABWR)

Aldi’s Bio Weide Rind label for organic grass-fed beef is awarded to beef-producing farms which keep their animals in particularly high-welfare housing and follow the Bio Suisse Standard. Additionally, the cattle are given permanent outdoor access, including during the winter. Young cattle only come to the pasture-based beef-rearing enterprise at five months of age, which is beneficial in that the animal‘s immune system has already become very stable and the use of antibiotics can be minimised. The animals enter the marketplace through Linus Silvestri AG. The beef is sold exclusively by Aldi.

Benefit to customer

Together with the annual inspection of the holding, we can also audit for compliance with ABWR (Aldi Bio Weide Rind) standards, a label that is very popular with consumers. The combination of label inspections saves you time and money.


Standards for Aldi Bio Weide Rind

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