bio.inspecta’s Label Check

A free check for processors and trading companies

Would you like to distinguish your products with a particular label and thus reap the rewards of its benefits? Are you unsure as to which label would best suit your products and what kind of changes you would need to make to ensure that your business meets the standards of the desired label?

We would like to offer you our free Label Check. It involves a visit by one of our experienced auditors who is well familiar with your sector. The focus of the visit is on a personal discussion about the various technical aspects of label certification.

For a processing operation, the process from incoming to outgoing goods is checked, potential challenges are discussed and solutions are sought. Additionally, internal product identification and the labelling of ready-for-sale products are discussed.

Traceable documentation of the individual processes is a key element of label certification. Subsequent periodic inspections (audits) are based on this documentation which means that clear and transparent documentation is indispensable. It not only eases your workflow but also speeds up the audit and allows for the periodic inspection to be conducted in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

At the end of the Label Check, the auditor draws up a report which lists and describes essential requirements that would need to be met for a potential label conversion. You will receive this report free of charge.

Take advantage of our long-standing experience in order to sustainably strengthen your business.