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Services for agriculture and processors

bio.inspecta and q.inspecta offer inspection and certification services for a variety of labels, standards and regulations. Our services cover the categories of organics, sustainability, cosmetics, climate and many others.

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Are you interested in converting to organics or other standards?

Our visit to you is free of charge and comes with no strings attached. We will show you what adjustments, if any, would have to be made for your operation to comply with and be certified to the desired standard. 

Our organic farm assessment is suitable for farms that are considering converting to organics. Our video gives you an insight into how the assessment is conducted. 

Our label check offers processors and traders the opportunity to find out where adjustments may have to be made to ensure compliance with the desired standards.  

Please find here the leaflet «Conversion to organic» (in German) and further information on organic inspections here.

Your path to certification, step by step


You express your interest
Click on the “Register interest” button and fill in the form

We contact you promptly
by phone or mail

You register with us
Sign and send in the registration form

We inspect you on site,
certify your products and issue the certificate

Additional information on the process from inspection to certification

Our experienced experts inspect your operation on-site. We assist and advise you from preparing for the process right through to the successful certification. Inspection and certification are never carried out by the same person. 

The inspection

Documents are sent out to the operators to prepare for the inspection. The audit is carried out on-site, using a checklist. The results are discussed and potential measures to be taken are summarised and planned out. The inspection report is then signed by both parties and forwarded to the certification body. Inspections for different labels, regulations and standards can be combined in one audit. 

The certification

The inspection report is reviewed by the certification body. If the products are given approval, a certificate is issued and the certification process is concluded.