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With our «inspectanet» system you can also avail of our competent and accurate services online. Would you like to get your food labels checked or obtain certification for a new organic product or a private label branded product? Or would you like to submit the certificate of inspection for organic imports online? This and much more offers you our «inspectanet», give it a try!

Certification of an organic or private label branded product
Submit your documentation to us online – swiftly and comfortably. E-mail messages will keep you informed as to the status of your order. You can also access the system at any time to view existing orders or submit new ones. As soon as the certification process has been completed the new product will be listed in your product list on This allows your customers to immediately view your new products and check their certification status.

Food product assessment

Complete assessment of labels
We check your food labelling for compliance with Swiss legislation in force and support you in the development of compliant labels. You will receive an audit report. For the sale of loose goods we will compile the requisite customer information based on the details you supply.

Audit of analyses 
We check the analysis results for your food product for compliance with Swiss legislation in force. You will receive an audit report based on your analysis results. This audit report will either certify that the product is marketable or will set out in detail any non-compliances with statutory provisions.

Development of product labels 
We draw up the label information for your food products in accordance with Swiss legislation in force. You can then use the information to produce your labels. On request we can also translate the label information into any of Switzerland’s official languages: German, French, Italian. 

Further services

Moreover, you will find in the inspectanet system a range of order forms and instructions, e.g. for sampling or for notifying residues; you can also submit new applications and download checklists for audit preparation. To this end you need to enter your master data only once; you can then record your activities on an ongoing basis before and after the audits. 

Additionally you can complete and submit certificates of inspection for imports online.  .

Inspectanet registration is free of charge for our clients. You can find a detailed schedule of fees for product assessment, certificates of inspection for imports, and for inspections and certifications for individual services here.


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