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Organic control

Organic control

Conversion to organics or other standards, labels and regulations − find out more here!

Inspections for agricultural farms

Most organic agricultural farms in Switzerland are certified to the standards of the Swiss Organic Farming Ordinance and Bio Suisse. We also offer a wide range of other standards and labels and monitor compliance with certain ordinances and regulations issued by the Swiss Federal Government.
We are also happy to support you in converting to organics. Our Organic Farm Assessment for agricultural farms shows you the adaptations that may be required for conversion to organic farming − free of charge and with no strings attached.

Audits for processors and trading companies

Our services for the processing and trade sectors include organic standards, regional brands and many other labels in diverse areas such as sustainability, fair trade, cosmetics, livestock husbandry, timber, hospitality, food, climate, aquaculture and many more, as well as audits with respect to various statutory regulations.

Controls in the international field

We also offer audits and certifications in respect of well-known international standards and labels covering a wide range of product categories, such as climate, organics, sustainability, aquaculture and cosmetics.