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World Trace

WORLD-TRACE – The modern supply chain solution

Are you looking for a system that allows you to trace your products throughout the supply chain? Would you like to label your products with a QR code at the point of sale now or later?

... with the WORLD-TRACE Software this becomes possible.

Transaction details for more traceability and transparency in WORLD-TRACE

  • Display one or more supply chains easily and transparently. 
  • Let other participants confirm transactions. 
  • Maintain an overview despite the possibility of an unlimited number of participants and products.
  • Get a complete process documentation. Documents can be attached to the transactions.  

Dashboard of a supply chain participant in WORLD-TRACE

We appreciate your interest and would be happy to introduce WORLD-TRACE to you in an online meeting without obligation.

WORLD-TRACE is based on a simple and secure blockchain technology and brings added value.

  • The system is accessible from any device (computer, tablet or cell phone) from anywhere in the world and at any time.
  • The secure and private management of your data is ensured.
  • We support you during the implementation of the system. 
  • We provide you with training and support during operational use.  
  • The connection with bio.inspecta's inspection and certification system makes your everyday life easier.   

Transactions in the supply chain solution WORLD-TRACE

Our pricing models are as flexible as our supply chain solution.