In the organic inspections, the label proofs are most often missing

Only about 30 % of the inspected farms showed deficiencies in 2021

Only about 30 % of the inspected farms showed deficiencies in 2021

Andreas Müller, Deputy Head of agriculture division / Head of Certification Department

Andreas Müller from bio.inspecta answers which of these occurred most frequently and how they can be prevented. In addition, he gives an insight into what changes in animal husbandry are in store for the 2022 inspection season. Around 5800 Swiss organic farms have concluded an inspection and certification contract with bio.inspecta. In 2021, the inspection and certification company again found hardly any deficiencies on the organic farms despite the extensive requirements - around two thirds performed in an exemplary manner. However, the majority of rule violations can be prevented. This is because incomplete or missing documentation often triggers an error. Since these are pure paper tigers, these deficiencies are particularly annoying for the companies. They often result in financial losses.  

Common deficiencies in 2021 

Last year, well-known deficiencies were often found on the inspected farms. Most frequently, missing label proofs from farmyard manure suppliers were found. The following are also found: 

  •  Self-declaration of the biodiversity check was not completed
  •  Water pollution control deficiencies
  •  Animal welfare deficiencies (often not serious cases)
  •  Deficiencies in the Raus programme ranked 8th. The list is not exhaustive

However, these deficiencies can be avoided and thus also save a lot of money. bio.inspecta inspectors have made the following observations as a result of their practical experience from numerous inspection visits:

  • Journals that have to be kept daily (e.g. exercise journals) are generally better kept if they are available in highly frequented places (laptop on the kitchen table).
  • Keeping records (field calendars) is rarely effective. The controls show that it is worthwhile to make the entries immediately.
  • For entries or confirmations for which the farm is dependent on the use of a partner (veterinarian, farmyard manure supplier), it must be insisted that the partner is responsible for the delivery.  

Clarification before presumption 

Keeping an overview of the organic regulations jungle is not a matter of course. That's why experienced practitioners work at the bio.inspecta customer hotline every day. These people have practical expertise and a profound knowledge of the regulations. Through constant exchange with the inspection staff and the farmers, they know the needs of the farms very well and are aware of the neuralgic points. It is confirmed again and again that many deficiencies were prevented by a clarifying telephone call before an upcoming decision  (free hotline: 062 865 63 33).