The ecologically sustainable sourcing and production of the biomass used for the production of biochar is guaranteed, emission limits are observed, and environmentally sound storage is ensured. Biochar quality is comprehensively monitored and documented. All thresholds for the various classes of use (feed, agriculture, materials) are met in accordance with the applicable regulations for feed as well as soil protection and user safety. Certified biochar is suitable for building up carbon sinks and is considered a promising climate technology. The certified biochar is suitable, among other applications, as a soil conditioner, livestock feed additive (biochar with EBC feed certificate), livestock bedding or as an additive for fermentation substrates as well as for waste water treatment and as an additive for construction and plastics, paper, textiles and electricity storage.

Benefit to customer

Biochar produced in accordance with the standards of the European Biochar Certificate fulfils all the requirements of sustainable production with positive environmental performance and a positive carbon footprint. The European Biochar Certificate confirms the conformity of your biochar with the applicable environmental, user and soil protection and animal welfare (EBC feed) regulations. The certificate serves to guarantee the safe and ecologically sustainable use of biochar in farming. Certified biochar can be used to create carbon sinks for climate protection.


European Biochar Certificate Standards for ecologically sustainable production of biochar for farming



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