The standard guarantees ecologically sustainable procurement and production of biomass feedstock for biochar production, compliance with emission standards and environmentally safe storage. Biochar quality is comprehensively monitored and documented. All threshold values, corresponding to those of the Ordinance on Soil Protection are complied with. Some of the many applications of certified biochar include its use as soil conditioner, livestock feed additive (EBC-Feed certified biochar), slurry additive, and as an additive to livestock bedding or bio digester feedstocks.

Benefit to customer

Biochar produced in accordance with the standards of the European Biochar Certificate fulfils all the requirements of sustainable production with positive environmental performance and a positive carbon footprint. The European Biochar Certificate establishes your biochar’s compliance with environmental, soil protection and animal welfare (EBC-Feed) legislation in force. The certificate serves to guarantee the safe and ecologically sustainable use of biochar in farming.


European Biochar Certificate Standards for ecologically sustainable production of biochar for farming



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