The use of the label is not conditioned by the NATRUE membership. It is possible to certify cosmetics and approve raw materials with this label. Products can be currently certified under two level of certifications: natural and organic cosmetics.

Benefit to customer

NATRUE’s mission is to protect and promote natural and organic cosmetics to the benefit of consumers worldwide. The demand for natural and organic cosmetics is continuing rising and consumers want more rigorous and transparent standards that guarantee the high quality of the products that they buy.

NATRUE’s Standard offers a high-quality benchmark and help consumers to identify truly natural and organic cosmetics, helping them in their product choices with a clear and trustworthy label. With its rigorous classification of 13 types of products, NATRUE’s Standard also contributes to the development and innovation of natural and organic cosmetic products by acknowledging the inherent differences in their formulations and functions.


NATRUE label criteria: Requirements for natural and organic cosmetics



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