The MSC label is a globally recognized ecolabel for seafood products which can be traced back through the entire chain of custody to the sustainable fishery that caught the fish. A licence agreement with MSC is required to use the MSC ecolabel. MSC Chain of Custody certification ensures that the MSC ecolabel is only displayed on products that contain MSC certified fish. The ecolabel allows fisheries around the world to be recognized for good management. Fisheries that are given permission to label their catches with the MSC ecolabel have been independently certified as engaging in sustainable fishing of stocks, conducting exemplary management, and minimizing their impact on the marine environment.

Who requires MSC certification?
- Processing companies that process MSC-certified fish and market it using references to the MSC scheme.
- Restaurants and communal catering establishments which either use the MSC logo on the menu or make reference to the MSC scheme on the menu (e.g. by including the letters MSC in the meat designation or designation of origin).
- Retailers and specialist fish shops that wish to use the MSC logo in their fish counter.
- Trading companies that wish to purchase fish certified to the MSC standard with a view to marketing and reselling it as MSC certified.

Trade in pre-packaged and labelled MSC produce destined for final consumers is exempt from the certification requirement.

Benefit to customer

With the MSC ecolabel, purchasers, processors, retailers and caterers can credibly convey that their products have been sourced from sustainable fisheries. All these market actors play an important role in giving customers and consumers access to certified sustainably sourced fish and create demand for products from well managed fisheries. With the MSC certification, companies can make a name for themselves and credibly convey to their customers that they safeguard resources for future generations. Therefore, the MSC ecolabel is a means of presenting oneself as a responsible member of society, and of retaining customers and attracting new ones.


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