Coop Naturafarm is a label for meat, meat products and eggs produced in an ethologically particularly sound manner to clearly defined standards. The aim is to offer the best products produced to the highest animal welfare standards achievable in commercial livestock production at scale in the Swiss farming context. The primary focus in livestock rearing and keeping is the animals’ welfare. All Naturafarm products are produced on Swiss farms.

Benefit to customer

Coop launched the Naturafarm label as an own brand label for ethologically sound grass-based livestock production or livestock production with outdoor access. As a separate label to Coop Naturaplan (a purely organic product line) it provides greater transparency for consumers. Naturafarm guarantees high quality Swiss meat and Swiss eggs from ethologically sound grass-based livestock production or production with outdoor access. You will be able to sell your products as Naturafarm products through Coop. This certification opens up new sales opportunities.


Coop Naturafarm livestock production standard or Coop livestock feeding standard



Rules and Standards


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