Goût Mieux

Goût Mieux

The «Goût Mieux» label is awarded to catering enterprises that commit to sourcing and processing more than half of the foods they use from ethologically and environmentally sound production (organic, regional, Fairtrade).
Operators who have been awarded the label are tightly audited for their compliance with the «Goût Mieux» standards: This is achieved by way of constant online controls (using inspectanet, one of bio.inspecta AG’s online tools) as well as periodic on-site inspections that are unannounced or announced at short notice.

«Goût Mieux» standards in brief:
- More than half of the foods meet the definitions of «Goût Mieux» products.
- More than eight beverages are on offer (in addition to mineral water) that meet the definitions of «Goût Mieux» products.
- «Goût Mieux» operators never offer foods on their premises that are questionable from the point of view of ethics, animal welfare or environmental protection (for example meat from exotic species, frog legs, foie gras etc.).

Benefit to customer

«Goût Mieux» rewards those operators who are committed to living the «Goût Mieux» ethos, who comply with the «Goût Mieux» standards and who let themselves be audited to these standards. «Goût Mieux» labelled catering enterprises benefit from numerous marketing and communication activities (e.g. website, app, caterer guide, newsletter, media partnerships). Moreover, the enterprises gain access to attractive rebates offered by various «Goût Mieux» partner suppliers.


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