Mountain and Alpine Ordinance

Mountain and Alpine Ordinance

The implementation of the Mountain and Alpine Ordinance affects a large number of agricultural holdings, processors and traders. It is important for processors and traders to continue as unhindered as possible with the production of «Mountain» and «Alpine» agricultural products or to commence production without difficulty.

Benefit to customer

With this certification you are authorized to designate your products as mountain or alpine products. The Mountain and Alpine Ordinance protects the terms “Mountain” and “Alpine” on food products and thus ensures that only certified products reach the marketplace. This opens up new market opportunities for products from the mountain regions and the Alps.


SR 910.19: Ordinance on the Use of the Designations «Mountain» and «Alpine» for agricultural products and processed agricultural products (Mountain and Alpine Ordinance, BAIV).

Rules and standards Mountain and Alpine


Mountain and Alpine Ordinance (BAIV) 910.19


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