Bio Weide-Beef (BWB)

Bio Weide-Beef (BWB)

The Bio Weide-Beef label is assigned to beef production on holdings which keep their animals in particularly high welfare housing and based on the Bio Suisse Standards. In addition, the animals have access to outdoor pasture every day during the vegetation period. The animals are traded through Beef Pool Management GmbH, IPS Kuvag, Linus Silvestri AG or Viegut AG. The meat is sold by Migros exclusively.

Benefit to customer

Together with the annual inspection of the holding, we can also carry out farm audits in accordance with the requirements of BWB (Bio Weide Beef) which is very popular with consumers. The combination of label inspections saves you time and money.


Standards of the IG BWB (standards established specifically for Bio Weide-Beef by the Federation of Migros Cooperatives)



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