Hochstamm Suisse

Hochstamm Suisse

Hochstamm Suisse is an association formed by fruit producers and processors, together with environmental associations and agricultural organisations. The association’s purpose is to maintain and promote orchards on standard rootstock throughout Switzerland. It was founded in 1990 upon the initiative of Pro Natura and SVS/BirdLife Switzerland.

Benefit to customer

More than 600 fruit producers manage their orchards on standard rootstock in accordance with the Hochstamm Suisse standards, thus maintaining some 35,000 standard trees. Their fruit is processed to a diverse range of standard-tree fruit products by numerous direct marketing and processing firms.


Standards for the production, processing and trade of the products of orchards on standard rootstock that carry the HOCHSTAMM SUISSE label



Contact person

Monika Maria Zimmermeier Monika Maria Zimmermeier

+41 (0) 62 552 10 34

Benjamin Kunz Benjamin Kunz

Processing and Trade
+41(0) 62 552 10 39