Bio Cuisine by Bio Suisse

Bio Cuisine by Bio Suisse

Bio Cuisine is a Bio Suisse quality label for the gastronomy. Gastronomy businesses can qualify for it after a 3 – 4-month preparation process and then use the label immediately.
Bio Cuisine combines the requirements of an organic label with the challenges of gastronomy.

Customer benefits

With Bio Cuisine, guests quickly recognise how much sustainability awaits them on their plate. Thanks to the three levels, the gastronomy business retains a certain flexibility, which is necessary in the fast-moving gastronomy industry. A Bio Cuisine business can be recognised by the sign on the entrance door or the communication media, e.g. website, menu, on which the Bio Cuisine logo may be used.
A guest immediately recognises how high the proportion of organic food is. 1 star stands for at least 30 per cent, 2 stars for 60 – 90 per cent and 3 stars for more than 90 per cent organic food. All edible and drinkable products are taken into account.

5 steps to the Bio Cuisine label


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